In the heart of Europe , where the Alps meet the Mediterranean , and karst topography goes into the Pannonian Plain , is a small , but such a cozy and charming with a beautiful country called Slovenia , population, only 2 million inhabitants . Russians this country is known as the Former Yugoslav Republic of – reluctant compatriots tend to visit this blessed land because of an association with the socialist past : a sort of “our overseas “, but sorry … Please be assured – a trip to Slovenia will present surprising and wonderful discovery scrap all their existing Russian citizens stereotypes. Continue reading

Family activities. If you forget about the existence of the word , or even did not know him ( do not worry , many popular text editors do not know him, too ) , there is a country where you will be reminded of it so that you will not forget it until the end of his days . And perhaps that is much better these ” family activities ” to extreme old age will be your constant companions .

So, if briefly , family activities – this program services , and the country , offering endless possibilities for active holidays all year round – Finland . Continue reading

There Paris for adults and for children there is Paris . But do these two tales have age limit ? Is it not possible to admire the sparkling child in an adult at night miracle Eiffel Tower ? And is not capable of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland enthrall any overage traveler ? Each adult in a child , and each child has grown surprisingly strong feelings.

Disneyland Paris – one of the most popular attractions, not only in France but all over Europe. People often prefer this amusement park Louvre or the Eiffel Tower. Continue reading

By train “Leo Tolstoy “, following in the direction of Moscow , Helsinki, is a pleasure to go : late evening sit in the car all night and sleep in the “soft” under the wheels, and dimensional light swinging . The friendly guides and excellent service contribute to a pleasant stay. Customs inspection has been very unobtrusive. In the morning the train arrives at the station Kouvola from which to Kuopio get faster all: can the “local ” train, during which the trip takes 3 hours or taxi. Continue reading

I walk along the promenade of Kos – the marina , where almost immovable sea barely swaying on a leash beauty of the yacht under their sisters fell ill , stretched to the land of the winches and set at the slipway , potter tanned sailors . Go to the fortress , where the arched bridge crawls tourist train whooped with delight passengers. Continue reading

Stress , fatigue , malaise , running figure dissatisfaction with appearance and skin often disturb modern man. Polish health resorts that specialize in restoring the health and beauty can help deal with these illnesses. Without water and air are not life itself – they lie tremendous opportunities positive impact on human health. Healthy climate , pine forests, from which emanates the early morning freshness , peace , in which can be heard only the lapping of the waves and the sound of the wings of birds , promotes relaxation and healing . In Poland, many spas of international importance , is one such Kolobrzeg . Continue reading

The tallest statue in the world is

the Buddha statue in Lushan in China’s Henan Province . Statue titlede  Spring TemplBuddha ( Buddha temple source ) was built in 2002. Its height is 128 m, together with pedestal – 153 m The project cost $ 55 million . Statue consists of 1.1 thousand copper pieces weighing one thousand tons statue His name was in honor of the nearby hot spring . Continue reading